March 17, 2021

3 Benefits of Using Drones to Market Commercial Properties

Being in the real estate industry can be a fulfilling career experience, but attracting potential commercial property buyers is challenging. This is mainly because the competition is brutal due to online listings generating most of the leads. Fortunately, you can increase your chances of standing out from the competition by investing in real estate marketing and using drone services.

Drones have drastically changed the way real estate agents market commercial properties. In fact, some agents even claim that they are the most important technology that entered real estate marketing.

Instead of showcasing the best features of establishments at every angle through professional real estate photography, you can now produce high-quality real estate walk-through videos highlighting their details from a bird’s eye view. If you are still wondering how you can benefit from using camera drones, here are some of its benefits:


  1. Creates more interactive virtual tours 

Using drones allows you to take shots of commercial properties in ways you never before imagined. You can fly down onto a property from hundreds of feet in the air to feature the details of an expansive property and even include some shots of beautiful landscapes, like the ocean and mountains.

This flying camera is essential during virtual tours as it can make your videos more interactive and enjoyable. A drone can fly into the property through the front door and head to every room. When combined with a professional voice-over and upbeat music, you can turn your videos into information-filled virtual tours with visual stories.


  1. Lets you stay ahead of the competition

Many potential buyers and investors use search engines to look for their ideal commercial property. One of the best ways to attract their attention, provide more information, and sell better is to use high-quality videos shot with drones. It lets you create dramatic shots very easily that look incredibly professional and awe-inspiring. It also shows prospective buyers that you take advantage of your available resources to make the commercial property look more appealing. In other words, you can attain results that you simply can’t get when you use ground-based videography.


  1. Highlight more property features

Taking videos of a commercial property is a critical step in real estate marketing. Clips taken from the perspective of a person standing in various parts of the building can give your potential buyers a glimpse of what the establishment looks like and how it is laid out. Additionally, highlighting the salient features is important since it’s what makes your offer unique.

Remember that amenities are essential to many investors. The good news is you can showcase them on your video using aerial videos shot using a quality drone. By featuring aerial views of the property, you can show how accessible your commercial property is to pools, walking paths, and nearby parks, hospitals, and schools.



Setting yourself apart from other agents in the world of commercial real estate marketing is difficult, but you can do so using camera drones to shoot your videos. Investing in drone technology allows you to enjoy the benefits listed above and propel your business forward. When producing virtual tours with drones, work only with an established marketing agency like ours.

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