December 14, 2020

4 Reasons Real Estate Videos Can Help You Market Better

According to data, real estate listings with video receive four times more inquiries than those without. Eight-five percent of buyers even say that they like working with agents who utilize real estate videos for marketing purposes. That is how powerful videos are nowadays. A well-made real estate video is a valuable tool that buyers and sellers can benefit from. It showcases the property in much better detail than a photo or text description.


Why Use Video Content for Your Real Estate Business 

If you are still having second thoughts about pursuing video content for your property listing, here are some reasons you may find helpful.


Reason 1: It Highlights Your Professionalism

If you are still sticking to random listed words or Powerpoint/Keynote presentations to show your client the property you are trying to sell, you need to double-think your strategies. Many real estate agents nowadays provide their prospective clients with a 3D virtual showroom experience. While beautiful photos may work, a video is more interactive and engaging.


Having one will make you look more professional than you already are. Plus, it makes you appear more serious about the business because you exerted more effort. Clients love dealing with impressive agents, and you will make a great impression when you have the right marketing materials with you.


Reason 2: It Builds Rapport

The act of scrolling and clicking on a web listing can be tedious sometimes. However, having a video to watch is like having a face-to-face interaction. It is a game-changer that gives added value to your company and the property.

When a potential property buyer sees that you put more work into giving them a positive experience, you can earn their trust and build rapport with them.


Reason 3: It Is an Engaging Experience 

You do not need to conduct a survey to confirm that people today prefer watching videos than spending time going through property descriptions. Unlike scrolling through a photo slideshow, a video is easier to control. A single click will let them play the video, and they will get all the information they need as they watch. They also get a better feel of the real estate because they no longer have to imagine it. They can see the property more seamlessly, which is a more realistic way to get a sense of the whole neighborhood.


Reason 4: You Save Time and Money 

You will definitely spend a portion of your budget on your videos at the start, but they can help you save in the long run. There are many types of videos you can use. You can provide a virtual tour, a Q&A video, or a testimonial video, and all of these can help boost your business. You can then upload these videos across all your platforms to reach thousands of people without having to sit down with each one of them. Moreover, they can rewatch the videos and share them with their family and friends, allowing you to reach more people.



Real estate videos provide viewers with a more tangible experience. Even if they are just browsing options, videos can give them a sense of the property without having to physically be there. This creative and engaging marketing format gives viewers a better sense of the property, making them more engaged and interested in what you are selling.

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