December 6, 2020

4 Reasons You Need a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Making a property look as appealing as possible to potential buyers can be a challenge. Even though you’ve cleaned it up and rearranged the furniture for the property listing photos, you may not be getting as many inquiries as you’d like. However, taking pictures with your smartphone or hiring an amateur photographer may be affecting the property’s sale potential.


Although you may not realize it, professionally taken photos can improve prospects. Real estate agents who opt for professional photographers enjoy faster-selling homes, as these well-photographed homes sell 50 percent faster than homes photographed by amateurs. Prospective homebuyers often judge a property through its photos before deciding to visit the property, which means that these photos can make or break your sale.


Here are four reasons you need a professional real estate photographer:


It Saves Time


As a real estate agent, you likely wear many hats, as you’re in charge of making the home look as appealing as possible. This responsibility means you’ll be spending hours on developing attractive listing photos, creating virtual tours, and promoting the property on social media. Worrying about the photos’ quality will take away valuable time from work only you can do.


Instead, outsource this task to a professional photographer. They have the skills and expertise to create breathtaking photos that are sure to pique homebuyers’ interest.


It Improves Your Reputation


Listing photo quality directly affects your reputation, along with the original homeowner. These photos encapsulate who you are as a real estate agent, your brand, and your values. Low-quality images will tell prospective homebuyers that the property isn’t up to snuff, which can hurt your chances of selling it.


However, if your photos look outstanding, so will you. High-quality images will boost your reputation and make your listing look excellent by comparison. If you add in specialty photography, like drone photography and video, you’ll experience an even more favorable perception.


It Helps the Property Stand Out


Attractive photos are crucial to making the property stand out, especially in a popular neighborhood. If it’s coupled with a reasonable price and a robust marketing campaign, your property will look like a prime location that homebuyers will be clamoring to purchase.


As a real estate agent, you have the skills and capabilities to do an adequate comparative market analysis (CMA) to price the home correctly. Once you have this knowledge, you can work with the seller to prepare the property and make it as photo-ready as possible. A professional real estate photographer will know how to create a narrative based on the home, which is essential for the house to resonate with potential buyers.


It Increases Home Value


Sellers that use professional real estate photographers for their homes enjoy higher prices, earning approximately $11,000 on average over market value. This profit alone makes it incredibly beneficial to hire a professional photographer, as you’ll be getting much more out of the sale than you initially expected.


Professional photographers also know the best lighting techniques that emphasize a home’s strengths. For example, high-end luxury listings often use twilight shots, as these soft colors create a magnificent atmosphere around the house. Even if the property is around $300,000, these types of photos are sure to catch potential buyers' interest.




Each property comes with its unique set of challenges, and having a professional real estate photographer can help. Whether you’re struggling to invite attendees to an open house, fielding inquiries, or standing out from nearby properties, a professional photographer will give you the edge you need to sell the home.


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