December 6, 2020

4 Tips for Selling Your Home - A Guide for Beginners

Selling a home and moving to a new one is a major life event for anyone. Changing living conditions is often listed as a major source of stress for adults, equal to instances like getting into a new school, changing jobs, or a family member falling ill.


A home transition is often also considered a business transaction, so you need to make it as smooth as possible for your buyers. You cannot show them that you are flustered, lest it cast doubt on your ability to handle the transfer.


To help you with this shift, here are four tips to remember when selling your home:


  1. Hire an agent


Although real estate agents might be getting a share of your profits, it is difficult to sell your home without their services. The five to six percent on top of the sale price will be worth the trouble you can avoid in making a listing online, touring prospective buyers, negotiating, closing a sale, and drawing up the necessary paperwork.


An agent also has experience in handling hiccups in a home sale. If your appraisal report comes back with recommendations, for example, the agent can iron out the details on your behalf. They will help price your property competitively. Their presence also keeps you on-task, which is especially important as you come closer to move-out day.


  1. Include photos of your property


In this day and age, buyers typically perform research on listings online before committing to an in-person tour. You can effectively increase your listing’s appeal and generate more interest by adding some high-quality photos. Taking good photos of your house makes it more interesting and helps you stand out because there are plenty of advertisements with blurry or incomplete photographs.


To produce high-quality images, take pictures during the daytime when there is plenty of natural light. Use the wide-angle setting on your phone camera or a wide-angle lens to capture the entire space. It’s always best to hire an experienced real estate photographer to present your property in the best light, ensuring you get plenty of attention from viewers online.


  1. Consider the season


The winter months are typically a slow season for the real estate industry. Around this time, people are busy with social obligations, and will most likely be on holiday or at home. If they aren’t elsewhere or aren’t accommodating relatives at home, the snowy weather will discourage them from venturing out.


While it may be harder to book tours during wintertime, you’ve still got an effective way to drive leads—the internet! Showcase the property with beautiful photos, videos, and even aerial shots so people can get a better idea of the home without leaving the warmth and comfort of their sofas.


Always take the season into consideration when selling property. You may not book as many viewings, but who’s to say you can’t still attract interest throughout the year? Be sure to stage the home according to the season as well. During the winter, consider bringing cookie dough and whipping up a fresh batch of cookies, and lighting the fire for a cozy wintertime mood. Selling in the summer? Make a batch of lemonade and make sure the backyard looks welcoming and ready for a summer picnic!


  1. Know the context of where you’re selling your home


Set the right asking price by matching your going rate with comparable homes in your area. Buyers will be doing the same, and as a seller, you should embrace this practice. Underpricing your home is a good strategy; you can refuse lowball offers, and negotiate your way towards a more acceptable range.


Do not expect the asking price because a buyer will likely negotiate no matter how reasonably-priced you think your home is. To help you with pricing, read up on the state of the real estate market in your area. Are you experiencing a bubble, or are your home prices at a low? Knowing your context helps you set the price accordingly.




Selling a home can be challenging, but it’s a manageable process, given some preparation. Knowing your real estate market, working with a real estate photographer, and timing your listing will help you land the right buyers in no time.


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