January 28, 2021

Common Mistakes Agents Make When It Comes to Video Marketing

Now more than ever, video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to real estate sales. The National Association of Realtors did a profile of home buyers and sellers in 2017. They found out that 39% of buyers use online video sites when looking for a home. 56% of them saw videos as useful when shopping for a home. A whopping 61% overall found that video is helpful on a real estate website, which is a big number compared to the mere 11% of sellers who had an agent that actually used video. 

There are several things that go into this crucial piece of marketing. It's key for agents to consider professionalism as well as the quality of content and technicalities involved in the video. The smallest of mistakes could lead to all your time and effort being wasted.

Here are some common mistakes agents make when it comes to video marketing:


Having More Than One Message

Real estate videos usually have more than one message, and that can cause confusion really quick. Agents don't consider their video content as falling under any specific category or type. The end result is a video that is far too long that will likely get little to no views at all.

There are four main types of real estate videos.

●  Introduction: This is basically a video business card. It can be likened to an elevator pitch for real estate. Additionally, it can serve as an initial greeting and welcome for your followers online.

●  Listing or Open House: This one is rather self-explanatory. It's basically a virtual tour of the house or homes you're selling.

●  Neighborhood Tour: As the name suggests, this video is meant to showcase the area where the property you’re selling is in. Use this opportunity to show aspects that could be of importance, such as landmarks, shops, and transportation.

●  Testimonial or "Just Sold!": Have real previous clients share messages which basically confirm the positive reviews about you on websites. This is where a property you just sold and/or the experience the client had while working with you can be highlighted.


Not Doing Any Rehearsal

It's important for potential clients to find real estate agents they trust and feel comfortable with. Professionalism is also a key trait that most people look for. How would clients feel safe and confident enough to entrust their finances and future home to you if you obviously didn't even practice your delivery in a marketing video?

You can remedy this through proper preparation. Have the right outfit, write out a script, and practice as much as you can. Avoid seeming unsure by saying fillers like "um" or "uh" in the video. It's also important to find a balance between sharing all the information you need and not looking like you're full-on rambling.



One of the most underused marketing tools in real estate is video marketing. When it is used, there are quite a few mistakes agents make. Having a video that's too long with no direction is most common, as well as not preparing well enough for a video. These mistakes can serve as your guide on what not to do when utilizing the power of video marketing to showcase properties for sale.

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