December 14, 2020

How Are Homeowners Using Drones to Sell Their Properties

Drones are becoming more common in several industries, with establishments utilizing their mobility in the air as an advantage. For example, courier services are developing many ways to optimize a drone’s load capacity to deliver light packages to local customers. Drones are also beneficial for news and broadcasting networks to cover wide overview shots without the need for a crane or helicopter.

The growing popularity of drones is making it a commercial hit, allowing consumers to purchase different models that fit their purposes. For this reason, entrepreneurs are looking for many ways to integrate its practical use to their business. One sector that’s quickly embracing the drone craze is the real estate industry.


The impact of drones in the real estate industry

Marketing a property is all about curating an appealing image that potential buyers would want to purchase. This is why online property listings incorporate professional photography services into their listing’s portfolio. Drones add another layer of interaction and perspective that home sellers can offer to an online audience. Utilizing drones is a modern approach to catering to the new wave of homebuyers in the market.

If you want to improve your home’s chances of finding the right buyer, here are three ways homeowners are using drones to sell their properties:


1. They take dynamic shots

Drones can take breathtaking pictures that weren’t possible before unless you were willing to spend thousands on your property’s marketing efforts. Drone operators can bring their drones from 30 to 70 feet high while providing a dynamic view of your real estate property. This allows your potential homebuyers to have a broad perspective on the property they plan to buy.


2. They provide a realistic view of their property

It’s not uncommon for professional photography services to utilize tricks and editing to make a property look more appealing. Although it can look great for your product listing, it’s not always the most accurate representation of your property. Making spaces look bigger or smaller than they are to highlight different features of your home won’t always be an effective marketing move.

With drone shots, potential homebuyers will see a realistic view of the property. Instead of hiding behind photography tricks, the seamless and continuous coverage it records will remind viewers that they’re seeing the real thing. With convenient GPS-programmed flight paths, you can focus on particular points of interest to record.


3. They create immersive virtual tours

Adding flair and a bit of movie magic when marketing your product is important, regardless of what you’re selling. Besides providing a general view of your home’s authentic look, you can also use the versatility of drone shots to give an engaging experience to your property’s feel. Since people don’t want to commit to an open house unless they’re sure about a home, you can provide an immersive virtual tour by flying your drone indoors.

With their compact size, camera drones can comfortably fit between entryways to view your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen spaces. This allows your potential buyers to almost feel like they’re already setting foot in your property.



The growing popularity of drones and their continuous advancements make drones an excellent tool for many industries. However, it’s important to note that not anyone can fly drones effectively. For this reason, strict regulations on operating one require a commercial license. Like hiring professional photography services, real estate agents and homeowners can work with licensed experts who can give them quality output for their property’s marketing needs.

Innovating your marketing strategy for modern audiences is necessary if you want your property to be attractive to potential buyers. If you need drone real estate photography to bump up your marketing campaign, we have a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure that you’re happy with the output you receive. Collaborate with us today, and we’ll ensure your property gets the right audience!