December 14, 2020

How Can Aerial Views Help Me Sell My Property

For years, high-quality real estate photography has been the standard in the real estate industry. However, with the rate that technology has progressed today, even high-quality photos may not be enough. With practically everybody having access to high-quality photography through real estate photography providers, you will need something to make your property stand out.

This is where aerial photography and videography come in.


How does aerial photography and videography work?

Today, photographers and videographers capture aerial views by using stabilized cameras mounted on an unmanned aircraft, also known as a drone. The concept is not dissimilar from operating a remote-controlled car. A pilot stays on the ground and flies the drone through the controller with photography and videography controls.

This makes drone photography and videography a far safer and cheaper way to capture aerial views. Before commercial drones with up to 4K resolution cameras became available, big production companies achieved aerial photography and videography by hiring a camera operator and flew them on a rented helicopter.

Mounting cameras on crewless aircraft for capturing aerial photos and videos date as far back as the 1950s, when aerial photography and videography were limited to scientific and military use. Consumer-grade drones did not appear until the 2000s, when companies like Parrot and DJI outfitted their drones with high-resolution cameras used by hobbyists, and later, professional photographers and videographers.


Why do I need aerial photography and videography to sell my home?

Aerial views are unique perspectives that will reveal more of your home than ordinary photos and videos taken from the ground will. Besides the facade of your home, these will provide a comprehensive lay of the land, which is also crucial for buying a home. Aerial photos and videos add ambiance and attract a lot more eyeballs, and will be very difficult to forget.

Aerial photography is best suited for higher-end commercial and residential properties with sprawling land areas and picturesque views. That being said, they can be used to capture properties of any size, as long as there is little to no aerial obstruction that can complicate drone flying.

Aerial photography and videography will provide a more engaging experience for potential buyers who are looking at the property in front of their computer or smartphone screens.


Who can provide aerial photography and videography services?

Not just anybody who can fly a drone can give you aerial photos and footage that will be suitable for your real estate listing. Besides being a competent drone pilot, one should also be a trained photographer and videographer.

This means that your best bet for getting aerial photos and footage are professional photographers and videographers who specialize in real estate photography. The pricing will vary among providers depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the shots required, but you can realistically expect anywhere from $200 to $500 on an average single-detached house.

Before hiring a drone real estate photographer, do your homework by comparing prices with other providers, looking at past work, and asking previous clients to verify their work.



With the real estate industry increasingly becoming a very competitive space, your listing needs to stand out from other properties. Having aerial views available alongside high-quality real estate photography in your online listing is sure to create a lot of interest, and it will be more likely to attract the future buyer of your property!

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