December 6, 2020

How to Attract More Visitors to Achieve Open House Success

Even though a house has a manicured garden, spacious rooms, and gorgeous windows, it sometimes doesn’t fly off the market as fast as you might expect. Even though you’ve prepared a stunning virtual home tour and sent out numerous invitations, your open house event might not have been as crowded as you’d like, either.


The thing is, with all the upgrades that you and the homeowner have discussed and put together for the home, it still isn’t attracting the potential homebuyers it deserves. If you’ve been struggling to sell a property despite doing everything right, you might want to take a closer look at your marketing plan—specifically, the photos you use.


Here are some tips to attract more visitors to your open house:


Invest in Quality Real Estate Photos


The first glimpse that potential homebuyers have of the property is essential. First impressions can even make or break a sale, and if the initial photos don’t captivate the prospect, they’ll move onto the next listing.


Photos that were taken with a smartphone or by an amateur photographer won’t cut it. Professional real estate photographers know the tricks and techniques to bring the best angles out of every property. It’s not just about standing in the corner of the room and fitting in as much as possible—it’s about setting up the right lighting, rearranging some objects, or even waiting for the sun to hit a particular position in the sky.


For example, if you’d like to position the listing as a luxury home in an affordable neighborhood, the photographer would know to wait for twilight. The softer lighting yet striking sunset colors are great for highlighting the grandeur of a house. Professional photographers know the photo qualities that would make potential buyers stop scrolling and capture their interest, which is crucial in making a sale.


Arrange Flexible Showings


Once you pique potential buyers’ interest with high-quality photos, you’ll start receiving inquiries about home visits and open house events. You’ll want to ensure that each prospect feels accommodated and cared for, so it’s best to arrange flexible showings. Have the owner set up a lockbox at the property’s entrance so that you can access the house and show it to potential buyers on a “call first” basis.


However, a flexible arrangement means that the house must be picture-perfect at all times. Although this may take a bit more effort, it will impress potential buyers when they can see how ready it looks regardless of the time. They’ll also appreciate seeing the property at their convenience. 


Put Out a Limited Time Offer


Although you’ve probably done an excellent job of advertising the listing on the appropriate platforms, it helps give potential home buyers a nudge if you aren’t making any progress on a sale. The best way to get them moving is to work out a limited time offer with the homeowner, which is a great way to make an already compelling deal even more tempting.


For example, the deal can cover a portion of the buyer’s mortgage interest for a specified time, such as a few months. The agreement can also include an option to pre-pay insurance and taxes for an entire year if potential buyers purchase the property within a specific timeframe.




If you’ve been having difficulty attracting potential buyers to a particular property, these tips are sure to whisk it out of the market. Sometimes, prospects just need a time-sensitive deal to push them to buy. Other times, your potential buyer may be visiting from out of town, and adjusting your schedule to give them a house tour is sometimes what sweetens the deal. Whatever the case, you’ll have to pique their interest enough to inquire, and the best way to do that is to have a professional real estate photographer take care of the listing pictures.


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