December 28, 2020

Real Estate 101 - How to Find the Ideal Photographer

Professional photographers are necessary for different milestones in our lives. They're great for family reunions, your child’s graduation, and formal celebrations. Besides these personal instances, they can also contribute to your business's operations.

Hiring professional photographers is common in almost any business, regardless of what industry you're in. It's an essential need for products or services that need to be presented well, which is a crucial component of the real estate industry.


How to find the ideal real estate photographer

The better you can market your product, the more likely you'll have prospective clients. Your property listing's appearances play an integral role in how well you can make your properties appealing to potential buyers. An expert photographer can figure out your home's best features by taking the right angles and perspectives into consideration.

If you want to find the ideal photographer to collaborate with, here are three steps you should follow:


Step 1: Utilize online databases

It's much easier to find real estate photographers by going through online databases. When hiring people in the creatives sector, you need to be vigilant about sifting through their flashy portfolios. Sometimes, these distractions can prevent you from seeing how well you can work with them. Although gauging their skill is important, you need to check if they have the right industry experience that matches your needs.

Another way to find prospects is by checking other agents' sites if they feature compelling images. They'll usually include photo credits for the photographer they hired for the photos. You can then contact them to see if they're interested in working with you.


Step 2: Communicate with your professional photographer

Once you're in contact with your real estate photographer, you need to be clear about your shot list for your property listings. If there are some areas you want to highlight, you need to provide details on how their photos should look. It's best to refer to their past work or present visual references to articulate what you want to see.

Ensure that you're maintaining communication with your photographer. Although you may have your own vision for your property's look, you should be open to suggestions and recommendations. Remember that you're collaborating with your professional photographer, so you should have some leeway with how you're willing to compromise with them.


Step 3: Evaluate their post-edited photos

Taking shots of your property is just one half of their job. Besides taking the raw photos, they must also provide quality treatment for photo edits. Strike a careful balance between grounded and visually appealing. Although your product listings should catch a person's attention, it should still reflect your property's genuine look. 

You generally won't have any post-editing issues if you're hiring a photographer familiar with the real estate market. However, you need to be cautious if you're willing to work with someone unfamiliar with your industry. It's good, to be frank about their output, especially if they're overdoing their editing.



Like any business transaction, not all partnerships and negotiations will lead to a clean deal. Sometimes, the photographer you choose to collaborate with will only work out on your first few projects. The longer you maintain a business relationship with another party, the more you'll realize if they're a good fit for your operations. This is why you shouldn't feel bad about changing photographers when necessary.

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