December 6, 2020

Real Estate Photography 101 - Showcase Your Home's Beauty

In this digital age, the process of buying a house involves looking for homes on the internet, and most probably, the first thing potential buyers will search for is photos. Because of this, investing in real estate listing photography and videography is considered one of the most important parts of selling a home.


Investing in beautiful real estate photos is an excellent way to showcase your client’s home and portray it in a visually pleasing way that can boost its value, generate more views, and help you seal the deal in no time.


Here are some tips for ensuring your client’s house’s beauty shines through the real estate listing photos:


  1. Emphasize the curb appeal


One of the main selling points of a property for sale is its curb appeal. Capture a picture of the front of the house in its entirety and remove any distracting items, such as cars and trash cans.


Highlight the attractive front door to make your potential home buyers feel welcome and at home. Remember that this focal point can set the tone for the rest of the house and this is often the picture that will convince buyers to view the property in person and make a purchase. Remember—you’re trying to evoke a feeling in your target market, so try to capture photos that will allow viewers to visualize themselves inside. Our tip? Capture the entryway with the door open!


  1. Use good lighting


Poorly lit interior shots will make a home lifeless and unappealing that will turn away your potential home buyers. When taking interior photos, make sure the photos are bright and well-lit, able to highlight the best features of the home with the help of lamps, natural lighting, and daytime window light.


  1. Stage each room


Your listing photos should reflect the best version of the home and allow potential buyers to imagine how they will live their life in the property. Add beauty and life to the house by staging every room. Use the necessary props and consider working with home staging professionals to put the property’s best foot forward.


Also, don’t forget to have your clients tidy up the home, get rid of the mess, and capture the selling points or the specific features that your prospects look for in a property. If the house has one-of-a-kind architectural details found in archways, nooks, and crannies, make sure to capture them since they give the place some character.


  1. Consider capturing aerial views


Using drones in real estate has become increasingly popular. While seeking drone aerial photography or videography can seem like an unnecessary expense, it has the power to flaunt its various features and the beauty of the surrounding areas and the entire neighborhood, showcase a unique perspective, and increase the house’s marketability. This is particularly useful if the view is one of the home’s selling points. In short, hiring experienced real estate photographers and videographers is a great investment that can pay off handsomely.




High-quality photos and videos can bring out the best in a home and put its special features front and center. Collaborate with experienced photographers and videographers who specialize in real estate so you can sell your client’s property promptly.


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