December 6, 2020

The Benefits of Using Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Drone photography is the term used to describe the process of using small, unmanned flying devices to take aerial pictures. Previously, this technology was used by the military to spy on enemy forces in dangerous territories. Today, it has less ominous uses and instead provides a unique advantage to those who are selling real estate.


When you are trying to market a property, you want to capture the building exterior’s best angles and show its most attractive features. Before drones were commercially available, a photographer would have to think of creative ways to fit as much of the subject in the frame. With aerial photography, you can capture macro perspectives of a property, and showcase it in a way that no one has seen before.


Using drone photography in real estate can turn ordinary photos into impressive perspectives. Homes look more stately, buildings are more imposing, and plots of land appear more majestic. If you want to create eye-catching advertisements that make it easier and faster to sell your real estate portfolio, consider utilizing drones to take your photos. Here are several more reasons how they can benefit you:


  1. Show a snapshot of the neighborhood


You can help a potential buyer appreciate the property’s location with the right aerial photo. Pictures taken from the air at the right angle can show the property in the foreground and important landmarks or places of interest in the background. Shots taken from different altitudes demonstrate a lot’s proximity to a lake, beach, or other natural formations. Offering a broad perspective can save the buyer time from driving around the neighborhood to get a better feel of the area.


  1. Take dramatic perspectives


You can use drones to allow customers to have real-time views of a property and take in the scenery without having to get up from their seats. You can mimic a helicopter ride and take customers up and around a building, across sprawling grounds and over rolling hills to appreciate every nook and cranny of the property at various elevations.


  1. Exceed physical limitations


Most photos of real estate are only captured at level with the property. If it’s a tall structure, they may be taken from the ground looking upward. It may not always make for effective advertising. With drones, you can highlight features of the property that would otherwise go unnoticed, like skylights, gabled roofs, and upper decks. Drones can also be used to take detailed photos of more technical aspects of the building like gutters, shafts, or ventilation which some prospective buyers might want to scrutinize.


  1. Create a compelling customer journey


Drones can offer not just static photos but take potential property buyers a breathtaking video flyover of the entire property. From the approach to a 360 tour, you can allow buyers to zoom out from the property and look at the surrounding neighborhood and the natural landmarks. With aerial videography, you may not need to do a lot of the talking to upsell a project as the sweeping shots may make a case for you.


Using drones to capture your property is an excellent way to show off its best features and make it attractive to prospective buyers. With a capable photography agency, you can offer stunning views previously limited to the imagination. The magic of aerial photography can bring a property to life in breathtaking detail and enrich your clients’ buying experience. 


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