December 14, 2020

Why Real Estate Agents Need High-Quality Photos in Listings

Why Real Estate Agents Need High-Quality Photos in Listings


Suppose you're a home buyer browsing photos and come across a listing with all the specifications you want. It has the ideal number of rooms, the floor and lot area that suits your needs, and even the neighborhood type that appeals to you. However, when you check the pictures, you see that the seller did not photograph it in the typical fashion. Perhaps the images are not well lit, or the home looks lived-in.


Appearance counts for a lot in real estate


If you see a price attached to the listing above, you would compare it to other homes in the neighborhood within the same price range. You might wonder if the agent is asking too much for it, compared to others on the market. Appearance is a large factor in real estate; if you're a buyer, the picture quality in a listing could influence your decision.


A well-photographed home might garner more interest, and you would likely rush to the agent to beat others who are considering the property. Conversely, if the listing has low-quality images, you might take your time and look at it as one of your last options. The photos might make you assume that the agent isn't putting effort into the listing. If you're selling your home, all of this sounds rather alarming!


Think of it from the buyer's perspective


Consider the buyer's point of view and all the subtle messages that you send when using images for a campaign. If you're the real estate agent in charge of selling the home, you need to evaluate if the pictures make the house seem like a better option than others on the market. Do the photos entice buyers to act? They should do more than show the house's features; they must convey to viewers why this particular house gives the best value for their money.


Furthermore, the photos' quality influences a buyer's opinion of the real estate agent's skills. If the photographs look professional, the buyer will think that the seller cares about presenting the home properly.


Think like a digital marketer as well


That said, it's unlikely that an agent deliberately selects poor-quality photos. For the most part, people in real estate end up posting images that look unprofessional because they cannot tell the difference between a good and a bad photo. Agents who have a brick-and-mortar practice, in particular, might find it challenging to replicate online what they do in person.


Since the visual elements of a real estate listing matter a lot, an agent must prioritize learning how to present a listing in the best way on the internet. This means learning how to take high-quality photos of a property, composing shots, and staging rooms for online listings.




If you're a real estate agent, you should know how to present your listing in the best way possible. These days, people are more likely to search for properties on sale through the internet, and you should take your business to your audience. Finding the best photographer for your listing will help you showcase its best features to people online.


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