February 18, 2021

Why Suburbs Are Excellent Options for Homebuyers Under 35

Yuppies are typically known for their thirst for growth and adventure in fast-paced cities. However, an increasing number of young professionals in Dallas are buying homes in quiet suburban neighborhoods. 

One study found that Mesquite residents aged 35 and under made up nearly half the suburb population, significantly increasing from years prior. This trend might cause some wonder as to why relatively young adults are opting for a slower pace in life, whereas several years back, living in the city was all the rage. 

Here are some features of suburban areas like Mesquite to feature in your real estate marketing services to take advantage of this trend.


Highlights of Living in the ‘Burbs 

Located about twenty miles east of downtown Dallas, suburbian Mesquite boasts above-average schools and an abundance of parks, and proximity to highways leading to the city. Research has found that more than 50% of buyers aged 30 to 39 were first-time homebuyers, making up the biggest age group among buyers surveyed.

The closer people reach their retirement age, the more their overall wealth matters more than their income. Young adults can consider this and the long-term consequences of renting when considering the advantages of homeownership instead. Using high-quality DFW real estate photography can help you highlight the benefits of living in the suburbs for your target market of adults in their thirties.


Less Property Wear and Tear

The turnover for tenants in city condominium units is quite high compared to the suburbs, where people tend to live on properties longer. Homeowners develop a connection with the home, which prompts them to be more respectful of the property resulting in less wear and tear. Featuring properties with great upkeep and maintenance is essential when doing video marketing. While young adults don’t expect lived-in houses to be perfect, they do want to see the best features in a property that’s in good condition.


More Space

One of the best parts about living in the suburbs is the abundance of space that homeowners get. Not only is the price per foot lower than it is in the city, but they are also surrounded by more nature and have more room to move about. Highlighting these aspects in your marketing strategy using drone real estate photography and video footage can really show off the property’s strong points as well as the neighborhood’s spaciousness.


Peace and Quiet 

Make your video marketing stand out by featuring both visual and auditory aspects of the suburbs. Homeowners opt to live away from the city to distance themselves from the noise that comes with the population. A life of peace and quiet is a welcome change for people looking to settle down in the next few years.


Easy Access to the City

One of the features that make a suburb even more appealing is easy access to roads leading to the city. Life in the suburbs does not mean one devoid of entertainment, nightlife, and arts provided by the city! Show that Mesquite is just a stone’s throw away from downtown Dallas in your marketing efforts to show buyers the convenience of this location.



Understanding the trends in real estate market demographics is especially important in the age of digital marketing. Targeting the right audience is key to closing sales, and the real estate market is no exception. If you’re marketing homes in the suburbs, then consider gearing your content towards a new and emerging demographic of young adults in their thirties. With many of them being first-time homebuyers, you’re likely to find success in selling just the right homes with a quality DFW listing photographer and videographer helping you along the way.

At Listing Pics Pros, we offer photography, videography, and aerial footage for residential and commercial properties. We also ensure that our clients receive invoices only upon confirmation of their satisfaction with the work, with a 100% money-back guarantee. Book us today for real estate video marketing services in the DFW area!